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Every assets of Salo Players can be traded at our Marketplaces


Sola Shop is Salo Players' Web-based Marketplace,
In Sola Shop, Users can only buy and trade NFT assets with $SALO token, listed below:
  • UBO (User Bio Online)
  • Character Avatar
  • Gun

SNS Store

SNS Store is Salo Players' In-game Marketplace
In SNS Store, Users can buy and trade NFT assets with $SALO token just like in SOLA Shop, and also can purchase non-NFT assets with $Byte, listed below:
  • Upgrade Chip
  • Upgrade Plug-in
  • Evolution Gem

SNS Station - May the luck be on your side

There will be a gamification feature for players to use $Byte to play mini-games and win randomised rewards. These rewards may comprise different items such as Materials, Fragments,...
Each day, the players will have a certain of time to play at the SNS station
  • 5 times per day
  • Each time cost amount of Byte
  • From the 6th time, for each time play, Byte will be increased by 20%
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