๐Ÿ‘ฅMulti players - PvP

Fight with or against other Players!

Arena Mode

  • Player will battle with each other for rewards and ranking

  • Rewards will be given to players following the ranking system. The higher the rank, the better the reward!

  • Rewards will be sent out on 1 PM GMT Sunday, and the rank will be reset at 12 AM GMT Monday weekly.

  • Players have only 4 free turn of battle per day, the 5th or more will be obtained by spending $Byte

Tournament Mode

  • Tournament will be held for season

  • Each player may enter Tournament for a limited times per day

  • The ranking system will be the same as Arena but the reward will be given at the end of the Season

  • Player have only 3 free turn of battle per day, the 4th or more will be obtained by spending $Byte

Guild War Mode

  • After joining a Guild, player may enter Guild Battle

  • Each member will have 3 times per day to join Guild Battle

  • Guild battle reward will be the Guild points

  • Guild point will be used to upgrade Guild Level

  • Guild Point will be used to unlock and upgrade Guild Skill

  • Guild Battle will be 2vs2, 3vs3 & 5vs5

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