Single Player - PvE

Players fight against bots to receive rewards


Follow the story of Salo Players through various levels and stages to save the SALO NETWORK SYSTEMS! Earn your reward through your effort saving the digital world
  • Every 5 stages will be a boss room
  • Hard mode can be unlocked after finishing the Easy mode of the same stage


Increase your fighting skills by completing rounds of challenges.
Each round will be 10 continuous stages with increasing difficulties. Players have to finish the stage in a limited time to receive reward.


Rewards will be given to the Players at the top of the Tower!
Finishing a Rift will grant different kinds of rewards for players.

Boss Warning!

In every PvE modes, the will be Boss stages
A Boss will have more HP than normal monsters. Furthermore, Each boss has different unique abilities and element resistance.
Please be very wary of Bosses