Additional power up

Getting your gun more and more powerful


Plug-in is an item that will help enhance Gun's power by increasing Stats or get new Attribute
Players can claim Plug-in by opening UBO
There are three Plug-in slot:
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
Each slot can equip total 2 types of plug-in: 1 with the same color as the slot, and the other with the different color from all the slots.
Plug-in also have stars. The more stars the plug-in has, the more stats it provides.
2 Star Plug-in
4 Star Plug-in


Upgrade will increase Gun Attack stat
Upgrade will require Upgrade Chip and $Byte
Every 10 level, there will be a Limit Breaking step to further upgrading the gun. More and more resource will be consume each time
Break Limit


Evolution will increase almost every stats of the gun except for Gun attack (Which was increased through upgrading)
Gun Fragments and $Byte are needed to be able to perform gun evolution
Gun Evolution
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