The Story behind Salo Players - The Digital Guardian

Concept World Building

With the advancement of Technology, the Digital Industry (DI) take an important place in the evolution of mankind. And the result was SALO NETWORK SYSTEM (SNS).

SNS is an advanced system that covers the world, helping people from other countries connect to each other without any problem. And for the best, the SNS is conducted 100% by AI called SALONO.

With the help of SALONO, people's life has been taken care of from the very detail to great achievement like Space Exploration.

But when there is Good, there is also Evil. A group of terrorists from nowhere appeared and attacked the SNS with some kind of Virus, they named it [Ether] - as in a potion for mankind before the spreading of SNS.

They blindly believe that SNS is binding mankind's evolution, putting mankind in a slavery system that SNS will take control of every single thing. Take mankind to extinction.

SALONO has been fighting against those viruses for a long time without letting people know about it. But it seems that SALONO has been pushed back to the corner. This time the Humans will take a step in and protect SALONO and the SNS.

Not the military nor police can handle those viruses on the SNS, but the gamers. They can dive into the SNS by using their avatar and fight back the virus. Their skill maybe not be needed in the real world but in SNS, they are the real Savior of SNS - of SALONO.

For now, they said - "No matter how difficult the thing is, we gamers will not shiver and quit"

By using their avatar, all of those Gamers dive into the SNS and rock the Digital World - They are Salo Players - The Digital Guardian.

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